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January 9th 2022

When experimenting with dataLayer events, some buggy behaviour shook out from CookiePro. It may be a result of implementing CookiePro with a Custom HTML tag, but in any case I've switched back to using CookieBot, which is a much easier and tidier integration.

Updates - December 24th 2021

I originally set this site up as a placeholder to run experiments in setting up CookieBot, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Since then, I've gone on to switch out CookieBot for CookiePro by OneTrust, going through a lot of iterations in order to work out how to do that implemention using only Google Tag Manager.

This week though, thanks to my employer paying for Simo Ahava's excellent 'Server-side Tagging' course, I'm now in the middle of also using this site for server-side tracking experiments.


There's not much here to look at. I'm experimenting with Google Tag Manager, CookieBot, Google Analytics and BigQuery. This is where I'm testing things.

The site is hosted for free on Netlify and updates deploy from my GitHub immediately when I push changes to 'main'

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